An Intense Anti-Bucket List

While I am so grateful and stand in awe of all of the things this life has to offer, there are definitely some experiences I would prefer to opt out of. So, to organize my thoughts, I would call this the complete opposite of a bucket list!

  1. Have Children21397403_1267470460049424_1014537769_n.png

I don’t mean to sound dramatic but, while many women grow up dreaming of one day creating a large family, I would actually rather keister an entire box of Cheez-it’s. I have so many opportunities and desires to explore the world around me; feeling the intense need to consume myself in education and knowledge of other cultures. I cannot even fathom being restricted to feeling as though my life is fulfilled only because of my reproductive womb and its abilities. The political agenda of society is so broken that I would be ashamed to bring a child into a world filled with such hatred and violence, especially when there are so many beautiful, innocent children needing homes’ as is.

As of now, the Earth supports 7.4 billion human lives; by 2020 that number is predicted to increase to over 9 billion. By tedious scientific research and projecting, it can be seen that the current lifestyle of the average human can not be supported at that magnitude. It would be selfish of me to create life that would egotistically take advantage of natural resources that other species desperately need to survive. In todays age, reproduction is a CHOICE, and is NOT mandatory to survive on a species wide level. The concept of human reproduction in 2017  is on a basis of want, not of need.

2. Stand Idly by in Instances of Injustice For the Sake of Political Correctnessgiphy (3)

Many view confrontation as intimidating and a reason to be anxious, but in the instance of injustice or inequality, being a bystander is just as cruel, if not more so, than being the predator. In desperate times such as these, the people need strong voices and brave souls to stand up against hatred and ignorance in the fight for basic human rights. Whether you are white, brown, blue, or holographic, I will fight for your rights. Whether you are male, female, gender-fluid, trans, or non conforming, I will fight for your rights. Whether you are heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, I will FIGHT for your rights. Always. The equality of all is to be preserved over the arrogance of some.

This goes further than just human rights though; I believe in the safety and justice for all beings, including animals who are viewed as lesser than other species because they taste good to some. I will stand and speak to protect the environment and will always fight for the side that is Mother Earth. I would rather confront evil, than ignore it knowing it’s wrong.

3.  Stop Reading Printed Books21469705_1267491773380626_1162922747_n

Being able to escape the harsh reality of life and fall into a world where Harry Potter lives, and the BFG really does capture my dreams, and Lucy Pevensie rides along the back of Aslan to defeat the White Witch in battle, is so crucial to the inner happiness that keeps me (somewhat) stable. The feeling of holding a paper novel is like no other; it is as if you are consuming another world, melding it into your own concept of how the imagination lives within us.

Bottom line, I would never want to live in a world where, “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein is only available via ebook; at that point, the spark that was created by my childhood nostalgia would be extinguished.

4. Go a Day Without Talking to my Mom

The day that I cannot call my mother to tell her what the asshole in my philosophy class said, is a day I never want to encounter. In the end, my mother is my rock and has sacrificed so much for me to have the life I do. I savor every hug, every laugh, and every time she tells me she is proud of me. I value all of her wisdom and knowledge, and thank her every day for introducing me to my one true love, rock-and-roll! My birth giver deserves the world, but unfortunately this broke bitch can only afford a candle. I suppose it’s the thought that counts, (thankfully!).


Your favorite millennial asshole


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